Japan: The Beautiful Kanazawa city

apan: The Beautiful Kanazawa怀city

Travel to Kanazawa, a city in Japan bordered by the Japanese Alps. The city is an asian touristic attraction and many tourists visit Kanazawa every year. During the Edo Period, Kanazawa served as the seat of the Maeda Clan, the second most powerful feudal clan after the Tokugawa in terms of rice production and fief size. Accordingly, Kanazawa grew to become a town of great cultural achievements, rivaling Kyoto and Tokyo.

Traveling to the vibrant and historical city of Kanazawa is a perfect stop for a couple of days on your journey through Japan: the famous Kenroku-en garden, the tea and geisha district of Higashi Chaya, the samurai town of Naga Machi, Kanazawa Castle, hot springs, delicious fish, refined handicrafts… Kanazawa is the place to see when traveling to Japan off the beaten path.


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